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Ball And Trap for Mac

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  • Version: 1.5

A puzzle game using a ball and gravity physics

Ball And Trap is a puzzle game with sixty different environments that count as levels. The game is endless, which means you may continue to repeatedly solve the same puzzle until you have hit your high score or you may move onto the next puzzle layout.

Rescue as many balls as you wish

Ball And Trap asks you to get a ball through a puzzle. For example, you may have to bounce a ball past a series of obstacles in order to get it to the right of the screen, at which point a new ball is spawned. You may rescue as many balls as you wish because it is an endless game that only stops when you move onto the next level. The game is set in 2D with graphics that look like they were designed on Microsoft Paint. The gravity physics are often from the bottom up, which means the ball is pulled downwards, but on some occasions an object in the game will have its own gravitational pull, which pulls your ball off in another direction other than downwards.

An infinite puzzle game

Ball And Trap doesn't have a point or a conclusion, which means that once you have solved the puzzle and saved your first ball, then you are left to keep playing over and over again until it becomes a game of skill as you build your high score. The game has very poor graphics, and most puzzles are about timing. Maybe watch a YouTube video or a trailer of it before you pay money for it because even though it is not easy, it does become monotonous after you have solved your first ten puzzles.


  • Over 60 checkpoints that act as level markers
  • A one-touch/tapping ball game


  • The minimalist graphics are cheap and nasty looking
  • There’s no point to playing other than building high scores


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Ball And Trap


Ball And Trap 1.5 for Mac


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